Dental implants are designed to provide unprecedented security and stability to those missing one or more of their natural teeth. Dr. Kiley A. Smith works closely with local specialists in town to complete your dental implant close to home.

After the specialist has surgically placed your dental implant into the jawbone and you have sufficiently healed, you will return to our office so our dentist can attach a dental implant crown. This crown will be customized to look and feel like your natural tooth. Once complete, your dental implant will restore:

  • Function
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Stability

Dental implants can not only restore a single missing tooth, but they can also support the dentures that restore all of the missing teeth in your mouth. Implant-retained dentures snap over the dental implants in your jaw bone so they will not slide as you chew and speak.

If you are missing any teeth, we invite you to consider dental implants as an effective and convenient solution. Implants truly can make all the difference in your smile. We invite you to call or visit us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kiley A. Smith and discover the benefits of receiving dental implants in Temple, Texas.