At the office of Kiley A Smith DDS General Dentistry, we understand that some patients experience dental anxiety that prevents them from receiving the care they need for a healthy smile. Our friendly dental team will do what they can to help patients feel comfortable, including providing nitrous oxide. If you want to relax using this sedation option while receiving dental care, then call our dentist and ask about using nitrous oxide in Temple, Texas.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can help you or your child feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit. Nitrous oxide is a safe, effective, and convenient method of sedation dentistry, and the effects wear off just a few minutes after it has been removed. If you experience any of the following, nitrous oxide may be right for you:

  • Fear of visiting the dentist
  • Difficulty sitting still for a long time
  • Anxiety about the smells, sights, and sounds of the dental office
  • Apprehension about your treatment

Visiting the dentist can be a pleasant experience thanks to nitrous oxide and our caring dental team. Call or visit our office today to learn more about nitrous oxide and to schedule you or your child’s next appointment with Dr. Kiley A. Smith!