Athletes stay healthy by keeping in good shape but often they forget to keep their dental health in good shape too by protecting it from sports injuries. At the office of Kiley A Smith DDS General Dentistry, we provide mouth guards that cover your teeth and cushion the impact forces that can damage them. Call our dentist if you are interested in receiving a mouth guard in Temple, Texas.

At the office of Dr. Kiley A. Smith, we want to protect your teeth and mouth so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile for life. We provide several types of mouth guards designed to do just that:

  • Night guards—These custom appliances are designed to protect the teeth against bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth)
  • Underarmour® sports guards—When you’re playing your best, Underarmour sports guards are working hard to protect your teeth and mouth from sports accidents and injuries. Underarmour sports guards are also designed to improve your athletic performance using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry.

If you are involved in sports or if you have been diagnosed with bruxism, call our office today to learn more about custom mouth guards and how they can help protect your teeth and mouth. Together we can keep your teeth healthy and safe for life!